Web Site Maintenance

The world is constantly changing and so must your business and web site. You wouldn’t develop a product or service for your business and stop there thinking that you have done all you need to do.

The same goes for a web site. Developing it is just the initial step!

Web Site Maintenance Includes:

  • Changing and/or Updating Text or Data.
  • Adding, Updating and/or Deleting Scanned Images and/or pictures.
  • Adding and/or Deleting Website Pages.
  • Modifying the Website’s Navigational Structure.
  • Adding, Updating, Modifying and/or Deleting Links.
  • Changing the Website’s Theme.
  • Adding, Modifying and/or Deleting Scripts or Programs.
  • Installing, Modifying, Updating and/or Deleting Web-based Databases.